Corfu Mall

Below you'll read about how to promote your business, how to advertise your products and how to process orders.
At the Corfu Mall you'll be able to earn revenue by advertising your products and request a cash out of your balance to you bankaccount incase your customer pre-paid online.

Free Promotion

You are able to promote your business for free at the Corfu Mall.
Click here fill in your business information and your business will show up in the frontpage and inside the mall itself.


You are able to choose three options how to promote your products
1. AAAD, Advertisement as a deal.
This means you can advertise a product within a specific date range for a limited amount of seconds.
The deal counter will go down from the amount of seconds you configure and the price will go op while a visitor views your product or service.
2. AAAPC, Advertisement as a permanent discount.
This means that you advertise a product in your shop and in the mall which has a permanent discount.
Ofcourse you can change your offer from time to time.
3. AAAB, Advertisement as a bulk.
Upload your stock all at once.

AAAB requires a excel list which you have to download, fill in and upload.
This requires a basic knowledge of excel and so we will be glad to help you.
Just push the button and you'll receive a phonecall the same day to assist you in the process.

Order Processing

You are obligated to process your orders yourself.
To process your order you can click on here or on your balans (Credit Amount).


The order processing will be displayed in your dashboard by three stages.

Stage Instruction Action
1 A new order has came in and will be displayed as new order in your dashboard.
This means you can pick your order and after you've succeeded you'll click on the button; send, to inform (the delivery company and) your customer that the order is ready to be send.
2 After your customer (and the delivery company) are informed that your order is ready to be send, the stage will be changed to: Pending.
3 Order receivement confirmation. Your customer aswell as yourself can request an order receivement confirmation. The customer can click on a link he receive through an sms and email. And you can do it by uploading a photo of the receipt or invoice from your courier or delivery employee.

Cash Out

After the order receivement confirmation your balance (Credit Amount) will be updated.
You can cashout your balance any time you want, we process checkout daily.
To serve you with quality by maintance of the online mall and for all accountancy work we'll charge you the following commissions:>

Type of order Type of payment Cash Out Balance Commission
Products Online (Paypal or Creditcard) < €10 15%
Products Online (Paypal or Creditcard) > €10 - < €100 12%
Products Online (Paypal or Creditcard) > €100 9%
Products POS/CASH < €10 12%
Products POS/CASH > €10 - < €100 10%
Products POS/CASH > €100 8%
Services Online (Pre-payment) < €10 12%
Services Online (Pre-payment) > €10 - < €100 10%
Services Online (Pre-payment) > €100 8%
Services POS/CASH < €10 10%
Services POS/CASH > €10 - < €100 9%
Services POS/CASH > €100 7%
Food & Drinks Online (Pre-payment) < €10 13%
Food & Drinks Online (Pre-payment) > €10 - < €100 13%
Food & Drinks Online (Pre-payment) > €100 10%
Food & Drinks POS/CASH < €10 12%
Food & Drinks POS/CASH > €10 - < €100 11%
Food & Drinks POS/CASH > €100 10%

Delivery Service

For all companies, restaurant and other service companies which don't have an delivery service themself we'd like to offer the possibility by using our delivery service. After every order the courier will come to collect the order and send them to the customer.
For Delivery we charge the following costs and commissions:

Type of delivery Weight Costs / Commission
Products < 2 kg €5
Products >2 kg - < 10 kg €7,50
Products > 10 kg €15
Food & Drinks > €5 - < €20 10%
Food & Drinks > €20 5%